'EBCO' one stop source for all hardware items for Furniture and other customers. We have recently added several upper end products to our range so that we are able to meet demands of all segment of customer.All product are distributed through its 26 distributor Network and Hardware Unlimited is one of them. More Details
Effipress Engineering Pvt Ltd under its brand'Zipco' has been manufactiring industrial components for past 25 years for switchgear industries and other industries. Now it also manufacture Kitchen basket, castors,ball bearing slide,Door hinges and window friction hinges etc. More Details
'Salice' is Italian product and hold a well established position world wide by virtue of its natural talent for innovation, carefull attention to quality, efficiency of cusromer services.This is why salice is one of most valued brands among the small, medium-sized and large companies in the furniture industries. More Details
'' A leading provider of architecturally inspired building products innovatively designed to improve the places where people live and work.”
Whether it is for the kitchen, bathroom, or any of the rooms within your projects, our products are available in a variety of finishes, and designs to satisfy the most discerning requirements.
Our product line can help increase your day to day business. Baldwin, Kwikset, Price Pfister, Weiser Lock, Geo and K2—the latest in decorative technology for construction and architectural design. More Details

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